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Argentina – Mandatory pack and label to export garlic

Senasa reminds the new rule
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According to Resolution ex-SAGPyA N°48/98 and the Disposición del Senasa N°139/2006, all the garlic (Allium sativum) to be exported must be packaged and labeled.
Stems and bulbs - both for internal consumption and for export - should be packed in places covered, dry, clean, ventilated, and in line with the regulation to assure the best quality of the product.

Likewise, the containers must be labeled in a place of easy visualization and difficult removal, recording the following information: name of the product, name of the cultivar, group, size or class, type or category, net weight, country of origin, area of production and packing date and the transfer of the product must have the electronic Vegetable Transit Document (DTV-e).

Source: Agricultura, Ganadería y Pesca website 

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