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France - Labeling: minimum durability date and use-by date

A closer look at labeling rules for prepackaged foods
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According to article 24 (Annex X) of the EU Regulation n. 1169/2011, there may be two types of date on the packaging: either a use-by date (DLC) or a date of minimum durability (DDM – formerly called DLUO).
Labels of foods which are highly perishable from a microbiological point of view, and can constitute an immediate danger to human health after a short period, can replace the date of minimum durability with the “use-by” date.

The French "Direction Générale de la Concurrence, de la Consommation et de la Répression des Fraude" website presents the applying conditions and the correct wording for both the dates, providing also some concrete examples.

Our Labeling and Regulatory Division is at your disposal for all your questions in terms of labeling. Get in touch with us.

Source: Le portail de l'Économie, des Finances, de l'Action et des Comptes publics 


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