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 - Services with a high added value - 

Label and product conformity, Regulatory consultancy and Updates are the four main services performed by Food Compliance Solutions through traditional and digital channels in more than 70 markets worldwide. 

At Mérieux NutriSciences, consumers’ well-being and health are of the utmost importance. For this reason, we constantly strive to supply our customers with the best services to protect consumers’ health.
Our mission is to assist companies in the food, agricultural, consumer goods and cosmetics sectors to export their products by ensuring their products meet labeling and regulatory requirements.

- Solutions to smoothly face the challenges of the global market -

Any company feels the need to offer products that are safe and comply with the rules in force in each target country. In an even more global world where exports imply a daily challenge, the complex work a company has to face increases continuously.
The label surely is one of the main marketing tools: in some countries, it is the only way the company has to interface with customers. Just think that an incorrectly labelled product can be counterproductive and may have considerable repercussions on the company -such as sanctions- and adversely affect its name. Everybody knows that National Health Authorities can receive non-conformity complaints from both trade associations and consumers.
Smooth exports mean being informed. Each company knows that:

•The regulatory and linguistic framework has specific peculiarities in each country/market.
•The regulatory scenario is complex and continuously changes.
•There is an increased need for tools and information able to expedite the labeling process to grant the manufacturing and distribution speed, as current markets require.

- Our work -

Each consultancy activity starts with the identification of customer’s target market and the relevant updated regulatory framework.
Let’s make an example of a label conformity consultancy: it usually begins with product check to determine its characteristics; then, the check of all the ingredients (including additives) aims at verifying that they are allowed in the target market, thus also checking that quantities and their use comply with legislation in force. After these checks, the right technical definition of each compliant ingredient and the product itself can be assessed. Upon request, all this can be completed by the calculations of the nutritional tables to be placed on the label. At the end of this process, the customer receives a technical report with all the compulsory information on that label, for that product, and in that market. The report also contains graphics regulatory information and a consultancy on label claims. 
The approach that leads the whole label or product conformity process sticks to the principle according to which a mere translation of label wording is not sufficient since they have to be adapted to technical and legal languages. 
Communicate, not only translating.
For each element belonging to label or product conformity, customers receive a tailor-made technical and legal opinion issued by the regulatory department.
As for regulatory update, customers can choose among three digital products: an online updated platform, a Newsletter and an Alert. Each product can be tailored thanks to special parameters (country, subject, product category). 

 - Trust our solutions -

Thanks to Mérieux NutriSciences Labeling & Regulatory consultants, customers can:
•Avoid product recalls or sanctions;
•Tackle complex legislations;
Have tools which speed up and guarantee the creation of your labels.

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