August 2, 2016

Terry Liao, Regulatory Expert, Mérieux NutriSciences China

China: how to mention food

Food categories in China according to food label regulations
Mérieux NutriSciences: Chinese food categories

There are many kinds of food in every country, so does China. But according to Food label regulation, we can sort chinese food into the following categories.

“General pre-packaged food”, this kind food shall in conformity with GB 7718-2011 which amended and effected on April 20th 2012. This standard can be applied to mainly food which intakes by consumer at routine consumption. Food in this standard shall be prepackaged with uniform mass or volume. This standard not applies to protection package when transport, bulk food and made-on-site food.

“Prepackage food for special dietary uses”, GB 13432-2014, the latest version effected on Jun 1st 2013. It is a standard for special dietary foods which are specially processed or formulated to satisfy particular dietary requirements which exist because of a particular physical or physiological and/or specific diseases and body disorders.

“Health food”, GB 16740-2014, it is a kind of food that claims certain health function or supplement of vitamins and minerals and can regulate body’s function for particular consumer, but not for medical purpose and never do any instant and/or chronic harm to body. 

“Bulk food”, it is a kind of food with (but no uniform net weight) or without package, such as made-on-site food, candies without uniform net weight on package. But not including fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat.

“Agriculture food”, is foods which come from agriculture activity, including plants, animals and microbes and their productions.

“Food additives”, GB 29924-2013, it applies to food additives and nutrition enhancers which have been permitted by GB 2760-2014, GB 14880-2012 and related government announcements.

Source: Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China


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