November 12, 2020

Marco Marangoni | Mérieux NutriSciences Italy


italy indication of origin for ham and cured meat

From mid-November, the new obligation to indicate the country of origin for raw materials in cured meats, hams and all sausages will come into force in Italy.

Consumers are increasingly attentive to what they eat and increasingly want to know the origin of food. This is also confirmed by an ISMEA study where 95% of participants declared that the origin of the raw materials must be clearly indicated on the label.



The new decree launched on 6 August 2020 will be valid until 31 December 2021 and concerns:

  • minced pork (hamburger)
  • pork-based preparations
  • mechanically separated pork meat (sausage or tortellini filling)



The indication of origin must be easily visible and be shown in the main field of view. The heading must include information on the pork used:

  1. country of birth
  2. country of breeding
  3. country of slaughter

Depending on the case, different terms are distinguished:

  • "Origin Italy" or "100% Italian": if all 3 phases are carried out in Italy
  • EU origin”: if the phases take place in several countries, all European
  • "Non-EU origin": if the phases take place in several countries, all outside the EU.
  • EU and non-EU origin” if the phases take place in several countries, some European and others extra.

It's important to know that the obligation does not concern products from other countries or marketed in another European state, and the sale of products with old labels is allowed while stocks last.


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