October 24, 2016

Agata Pękosławska-Garstka, Mérieux NutriSciences Poland

Poland: Eggs infected with the Salmonella bacteria

Statement of the Chief Veterinary Officer on cases of poisoning bacteria Salmonella enteritis in some Member States of the European Union
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On 20.10.2016 the RASSF National Contact Point in the Main Veterinary Inspectorate received from Rapid Alert System for Food an alarm notification submitted by the Netherlands informing about intoxication, which probable cause can be eggs from Polish farms located in the Wielkopolska Region. 

Veterinary Inspection has taken, among others, the following activities:
-issued an administrative decision prohibiting the marketing of eggs from the hen egg packing centre mentioned in the notification and all poultry farms linked to the packing centre (except eggs intended for further processing that ensure the destruction of microorganisms, heat treatment);
-submitted to the competent authorities distribution lists on shipments of eggs to the Netherlands, Belgium and Croatia, in order to withdraw the challenged in the notification batch of eggs;
-has taken for microbiological tests for the presence of Salmonella samples from all farms located in region associated with notification.

RASFF notifications
concerning the presence of Salmonella in eggs and products from eggs appear regularly and relate to different European Union Member States. In 2016, RASFF notification concerned, among others Germany, France, Great Britain and Norway.

The Rapid Alert System for Food was created in 1979. It enables information to be shared efficiently between its members (EU-28 national food safety authorities, Commission, EFSA, ESA, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland) whenever a health risk has been identified in order to avert food safety risks. 

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SOURCE: RASFF - Food and Feed Safety Alerts



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